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my favorite memory–Challenge #5

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My favorite memory was when my mom told me that I can go on my birthday to my grampa’s grave. He died before I was born and I was so happy that I got to go to his grave that was the best. The moment of my life nothing made me more happy then going to his grave it made have of my pain go away.  I will do any thing just to go back because I just can’t with out him so that is closest thing I have of him. He meant so much to me I was crying when I went to his grave but it was ok because his soul is still with me

and that was my favorite memory going to my grampas grave.

Beach day today

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my admire

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Mom is the most important person in my life.
She makes food for me, she dresses me, she helps
me with my homework, and she cares about me.
I sometimes argue with my mom but at
the end of the day I still love my mom. Nobody
understands my problems like mom does and thats
why I love my mom.

What are you excited about?

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what I am excited about is…
my report card because I know that i have been working hard
and i deserve it. and if u work hard u deserve everything
like more books and less work.

energy of light

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I think in the 3 video’s it is telling us that
the energy of light is powerful.
and light is used for lots of thing like when u enter your
room u need light to see ware your going so u don’t bump in to things.
light is used for
lots of things we use with light
and i say that
light is very powerful


who u would like to meet

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I would love love love to meet justin bieber
because justin bieber is my inspiration.
he inspirs me because I love to sing and he love to sing
and I think he is realy good at singing.
and justin bieber helps people in need that is a nuther
thing I like about justin bieber.
there was a song he made and it is called pray and I
love it because it is about homeless people
and he get alot of money from the fans and uses it
for people that dont have a home.
I hope that I can meet justin bieber one day and ask justin
why dounet make a videio with his family.
I think justin is in outsider because he love going on tours.

my survey

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My Remembrance Day Tagxedo

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Hello world!

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